sailing takes me away to where I’ve always heard it could be.

When my Dad first broached the topic of sailing with me, I was pretty defiant. The thought of sailing was just so foreign and way too aristocratic for our Brooklyn born, Staten Island raised family. We hung around in landfills, not sailboats!

But, I bit after some heavy persuasion. And I have never turned back. In the immortal words of Bob Wiley, ‘I’m sailing. I’m sailing. I’m a sailor.’

Sailing is one of those sports where you have to pay attention at every minute (not like my high school center fielder softball career when I just stood idle in a field of dreams). If not, you may get hit with the sail when the captain “comes about” or “jives”. This is when you put down the cocktail.

Boat shoes are undoubtedly one of the biggest ‘trends’ for Spring/Summer 2010. The best in quality and style are Sebago and Sperry Topsiders, both brands have been around for years and actually worn by boaters (wearing a white sole on a boat is essential because it avoids scratching the boat deck).

We are crushing on these sailing shirts from Eddie Bauer. We weren’t even sure they were still in business but they are and these shirts are great and on clearance! There are only a few sizes left so hurry up and purchase today (they are also available in navy, maroon and white). Even if you’re not a sailor, you can pretend to be;)


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