feel the night fever.

As huge fans of Barry Manilow (and the fact that my parents used to ‘do the hustle’ there), anything titled ‘Copacabana’ has a place in our hearts. Maybe this is why we are such fans of Nars’ product of the same name. Or maybe it’s because of the breadth of its usage. Irregardless, it tops the charts of our must have makeups for summer.
The best part about this Nars’ Copacabana Mulitple makeup stick is that you can apply it to your eyes, nose, cheeks and lips for a highlighting or bronzing effect. It can even be applied to your arms and legs along the muscle lines to create a defined and sculpted look. We suggest you save this dramatic look for evening wear. You don’t want to make any of your cubicle mates at the office envious, do you?
Yes, this product is pricey ($38), but so well worth it and it lasts up to a year! There are only a few products in my own makeup kit that have been kicking around this long and Copa is one of them. You may even feel like Lola by the nights end.


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