you say potato, i say potatoe

This passed weekend brought us the start of the world cup of soccer or futball or however you choose to say it. Brooklyn, as you can imagine, was the place to be! Bars on every corner were jam-packed, chalk board signs sporting each games teams and times painted the streets. It seemed that everyone was capitalizing off of the games. Even wine stores on Court street used the title cleverly to help attract business. While at work Saturday afternoon during the US/UK game, I watched as hoards of soccer fans, all ages and races, marched up and down Atlantic Ave, American (or other respective nations) flags in tow. After a weekend of this, we could not help but be influenced by the sporty feeling in the air, and we came up with this: the Rugby.

This shirt is a must-have for all of the men out there. It is a classic look that can be dressed up or down. Being long-sleeved, it is great for a cool summer night or dewy Fall morning. They are usually made in a durable cotton material so it is an item that will last you much more than just a season or two. Just remember after you wash it, leave it to hang dry. We at FT are not advocates of the male crop top look 😉 Whether striped or solid, the Rugby Shirt is a quintessential FT must have.


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