It’s the weekend round up coming atcha. Let’s review:

Ole for Mole
To all of our NYC fans, I have to say that I had a fantastic dinner last night in a virtual hole in the wall restaurant on the LES. Mole is an itty bitty, teeny weeny Mexican restaurant on Allen St. right below Houston. There are no more than 10 tables inside. It’s a tight squeeze but entirely worth it in price and deliciousness even though our table was the last one available and we were basically sitting in the kitchen washing dishes. But that didn’t matter. Between the service with a smile and the food, it was very much worth the inconvenient seating arrangement.

At Mole, they make the guacamole right in front of you. If you like spicy, have them make it muy caliente. It is fierce. Seriously the best homemade guac I have ever had. Just remember that Happy Hour ends at 7:00pm sharp. Might we suggest the margarita, light on the salt?

Tennis anyone?
I love the idea of a really white, crisp, and fresh looking tennis sneaker. That is probably because I love tennis. Or used to at least. It has been a long while since I last picked up a racket. But, I digress.

The reality is that my friend recruited me to go sneaker shopping with him and I found most of the selection blase. I refuse to let either my clients or myself force a look even if it is out of necessity (i.e. his sneakers soles were falling off).

So later that day, I was determined to find something for him as our previous mission proved fruitless; Flaxen and Tawny scoff at the thought of ‘failure’.

While online, I fell upon my old favorite staple: Stan Smiths. They now come in over 20 colors and style combinations. I forwarded the link to my friend. He loved. He purchased. And then I purchased. You gotta love unisex.
You should look out for me this summer at the U.S. Open in Arthur Ashe stadium, maybe not playing, but courtside of course 😉


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