blow-dry today, powder tomorrow.

This summer heat is good for numerous things; BBQ’s, beaches, bikinis, beer, and baby powder. Yes, baby powder. This is FT’s homegrown solution to our summer blow-dry problem. I think all of the ladies out there can attest to the misery of blow-drying your hair on an 85 degree, muggy july morning in your stuffy bathroom to only walk out into the blazing summer sun and sweat. What’s the point? Why bother, right? Our solution to this problem isn’t to ignore you hair needs and walk around all summer with boring, frizzy, flat hair, but to cut back a bit on the blow-drying by making each one last you a few days(this will cut back your electricity bill as well). We suggest doing this with baby powder (a dry shampoo). There are a handful of companies out there who carry ‘dry shampoos’, which are essentially cornstarch based powders that absorb the oil in the hair. Some of these products are actually tinted to match different hair colors, but they can be a bit pricey. After trying all of them, we have to say that the unscented baby powder is the way to go.

The day after you’ve styled your hair, instead of washing and starting from scratch, apply a small amount of powder into your hands. Then disperse evenly into the root area of your dry hair. Avoid the part or exterior layers, especially the brunettes. We don’t want to see the powder in your hair. It’s really not a cute look. Doing this absorbs some of the oil that has appeared over night as well as gives the hair a bit of a lift after being slept on. We actually also recommend this tip to girls with fine hair who need a little extra life in their locks even on a ‘clean’ day.

So the next time you get your hair blown out, make the most of it and try our little tip. Not only will you be saving your arms the energy, but the world as well;)


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