the early bird catches the worm.

Reading books has always been somewhat of an anomaly to me. Is it not strange when you become victim to a really good book and do not want to do anything else but finish it? I compare it to a break up. You become so connected to it and when it ends, its over and you can not do anything about it except find another one and trust that it will be even better.

I just completed Kafka on the Shore, a novel by Japanese writer Haruki Murakami that has been translated into English (all of his novels have been). He takes you on such a wild ride walking the thin line between dream and reality. You become confused toward the end (is this really happening?) and then it just ends. Like a lot of things in life, the finality of it is always difficult to get through. But, on to the next one.

We all need fresh starts sometimes, and I am a believer that books can take you somewhere else, enable growth in your mind and body and give you the feeling of getting away even when you are still here metaphorically.

And, most importantly…
Book worm


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