you no longer have to ‘stress’ your denim

Just last week, I met up with a friend who had recently lost weight. As I was complementing her on how great she looked, she was saying how her new jeans were now big in the expected places: waistline, thigh and posterior region. Below is an example of a classic, ill-fitting jean.

Baggy pants

I suggested altering her jeans in the thigh and derriere area (yes we are poets too). She had never known that you could actually alter jeans aside from hemming them. So FT thought it might be important to spread the good word to all of you. Altering is sometimes less of an expense than buying new jeans altogether; especially if you plan on dropping more lbs.

If you love your tailor, ask how much such alterations cost. If over $40, than it makes more sense to buy a lower priced jean and wait until you hit your target weight to purchase a new size and perhaps more expensive denim. Since altering jeans is quite common, you can ask a salesperson if there are any local tailors they can suggest. Having been in and out of retail for the past 13 years, I can attest to this frequently asked question.

We truly believe that the end result we all want in life is to feel confident about ourselves and in how we appear. And if altering parts of your wardrobe will do that, than do it! We are your biggest supporters in making ‘alterations’ in your life that will fit you like a glove.


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