Color of the Day-Amberlight

The meaning behind today’s color of the day couldn’t fit Flaxen or Tawny any better. I am actually “lol’ing”!

Amberlight is such a natural and simple color that we all probably see at least once a day. But things aren’t always at they seem, are they? At first glance it may appear modest, but this color lends itself to an inherent creativity that leads to dramatic results. Be careful though–this shade also asks you to be sensitive of it and wear it and praise it daily. We can totally relate.

Being faithful fans of MAC’s cream eyeshadow “paint pots”, amberlight’s luminescence lies in the frosty shimmer “Indianwood” pot. Ladies, this eyeshadow stays all day and you only need to use the tip of your pinky finger (per eye) for a complete look.

And to all of you Flaxen tawny fans of the male persuasion, take note: we are into this amberlight faced Philipe Stark watch. For $175 you can walk with a confident stagger and attract onlookers. Don’t worry though, FT knows how to keep a secret. We won’t tell them how tender hearted you really are 😉


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