food for your soul.

I have been in a lifelong battle with my skin. Most people can probably relate to the breakouts during high school, the ‘north star’ making an appearance at prom and the perfectly symmetrical line of blemishes running down either side of your face attributed to late night teen phone calls.

But it is not always over then.
 It can be so difficult dealing with breakouts in your adult life (flaxen tawny can relate) and as much as you try antibiotics and topical solutions, your skin is never really guaranteed to clear up. Here at FT, we are tackling this difficult subject from a natural perspective.
 We are huge proponents of healthy and natural diets.

When I changed my diet for health reasons six years ago, the first thing I noticed (even before I felt a change in my overrall health) was my skin. It was clear and even glowing for the very first time. These food suggestions are tasty and worth it!

Immerse yourself in green tea, berries, raw nuts, avocados, and lots of water.

Limit your use of dairy, fried foods, white sugar, caffeine, salt and coffee.

These foods will be missed, but not as much you will welcome your new complexion!


2 thoughts on “food for your soul.

    • There is no way that we can entirely exclude salt from our diets. The real way to easing the use of salt would be to avoid cooking with a lot of salt and to not use salt when you go out for dinner. You never know how much the chef has already put it!

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