‘Mixology’ for Men and Women

Every year or so, I find myself at the bottom of my favorite perfume (cologne for the gents). I then take a look at the other 3 or 4 perfumes sitting there. Their wells too are almost dry.

The last thing I want to spend my own money on is perfume. So I usually wait for the holidays to see if someone buys it for me. But that is not always the case! So we have come up with a recommendation that we love. Being infatuated with cosmetics and fragrances has been quite helpful. If you find a great salesperson at your favorite counter, they will usually give you some free samples. If you have any laying around, this is the perfect time to use them.

Take one of your almost empty perfume bottles and apply that four times (1 healthy, yet sparing spritz per wrist and 1 on either side of the neck). Next, take one of the samples you have had around (for years, decades sometimes) and apply that one on top of the already applied perfume. You may have to test this a few times before you successfully find yourself immersed in a scent you feel comfortable with.
My favorite for the month has been Chanel Chance atop Chanel Christalle.
It is has a light, lovely, romantic feel to it. A perfect start to a warm, breezy summer.


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