tying the knot

It’s wedding season! Time to dust off those pretty dresses and linen suits and make them look like new again. I am sure many of us can agree that buying new pieces for weddings are just not in our budgets especially since we also have to give a gift, stay in a hotel and even rent a car and travel.

Ladies, we can take any basic cocktail dress and add a sexy stilleto (you can ditch the bare feet or flip flops and dance comfortably all night with the built in platform on these).

But boys, you have it tough here. There is no reprieve on a warm summer eve from a suit jacket, long sleeve, buttoned down shirt and tie. I am sure it is quite asphyxiating. May we suggest if you are going to be uncomfortable either way, than to do so with some flair?

Try a basic bowtie. No frills! Clip ons need not apply.

Ask your date to help. I have tied one for a friend once in my life and I used this video to assist me. After seven times (15 minutes), we successfully made a crisp tie. Call it the idiot proof way to an elegant, handsome suitor 😉


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