summer’s hair…

Feels like summer has finally arrived. Time to hit the beach, the park, the pool, the lake, or wherever it is that you summer heart lies. Regardless of where that is, I assume it is most likely outdoors, in this beautifully hot UV packed sunshine. So we all, I think, are well aware by now of the dangers of the sun.. SPF SPF SPF!!! But it seems that people overlook their locks in this weather. No, I don’t believe there is such a thing as cancer of the hair, but most of us (women most particularly) pay pretty good money to get that perfect red, that perfect flaxen, or that perfect tawny. 😉 So here are a few tips to ensure that you keep those perfect shades… and that extra pocket change as well.

  • SUNSCREEN ISN’T JUST FOR THE SKIN. While sitting by the pool or sur la plage, take some of that spf and apply to you hair just like you do the rest of your body.. use a wide tooth comb to help distribute the cream so it protects everywhere!
  • SCARVES AREN’T JUST FOR OUR GRANDMOTHERS. Old is new, and new is keeping our hair healthy, while still looking cute. For extra protection, cover up that spf saturated do with a silky-soft, vintage scarf. Rummage through your mom or grandmother’s old accessories box and see what you can find.. or check out the vintage scarves at american apparel right now. I just got myself a very cute one for only 12 bucks… which is very cheap for them.
  • CHLORINE DOESN’T JUST BLEACH YOUR TOWELS. The pool is the place to be when it’s 85 and humid in the middle of july, but that chlorine is detrimental to those locks. Try and wet your hair with fresh water before jumping in, and even spray in a little bit of wella’s leave-in conditioner, my all time favorite. See, your hair is like a sponge, so if it’s full of good stuff, the bad stuff can’t get in! And, as always, rinse your hair asap after getting out of the pool as well.

So bask in the sun all summer long, but be smart my friends and protect yourselves… from head to toe!


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