something old, rather than something new

I was brought up around a lot of older Italian women who loved their large costume jewelry. My sister and I did too. And we were fortunate enough to inherit it. It was our very own sentimental gold mine!

In our pre-teens, we used the jewelry for dress up, but as we got older, we began to integrate these pieces into our wardrobe. To this day, we still wear them.

This early inspiration led us to a life long search to find vintage jewelry in places from yard sales (tag sales for non-New Yorkers) to flea markets. For 2010 we have seen vintage inspired jewelry at all of the trade shows, that is not nearly as fun or story telling as the real thing.

So dare to be different (and thrifty), and instead of buying the higher priced imitation that you’re sure to see on every 7th girl in Brooklyn, look at your mother’s and grandmother’s old jewelry. Find the pieces that move you. You will be surprised at how much life it will bring to you and your personal style.

(The below choker is from the 1970’s and part of my own collection)
fashion mongers necklace


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