we’ve only got eyes for…

It’s rainy again here today in Quebec, and we haven’t really left the house.. well, once, Maxime and I stooped it outside with Grand-papa and some neighbors on our freshly painted blue benches in between rain clouds. It would have been an easy day for me to have not dressed myself, not showered, and easily not worn make-up, but I did quite the contrary and made good practice of my stay-at-home style;)I threw on a simple one piece shorts-suit jumper with a black and hot pink floral print to liven up the grey day, and I chose something simple for my make-up that I thought I’d share with you… My eye color pick for today gives us a perfectly soft, yet defined summer look that will take you all of 2 minutes to do.
you will need:

NARS frosted champagne shadow(part of the indian summer duo)
black pencil liner of your choice
shu uemura eyelash curler
black mascara of your choice

Use the frosted champagne around the eyes, in the corners as well as the brow. Then, carefully apply the black liner on the inner side of your lashes to enhance your lash line. You can choose just the top or both top and bottom for a more defined look. Finish with a quick curl of the lashes, and a coat of the mascara.
et voila! sexy, simple, summer eyes.
sexy simple summer eyes


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